Returning to 50% Blended Program Model

Returning to 50% Blended Program Model
Posted on 01/05/2021
Return to 50% Blended 2021As previously communicated, we will return from Winter Break with schools in the 50% Blended Program Model (same schedules at the sites as they were up to December 11th). Sierra Hills Education Center will continue to operate on their same standard schedule as they have been all year. Also, we are operating our transportation system, and food service program, in full and on the same schedule as we had when we were in the 50% Blended Program Model.

Even though our county is still in the “Purple” tier of COVID-19 designations, due to the fact that we were operating our schools prior to moving into the Purple tier, we are still able to operate as long as we continue to adhere to, and enforce, the required health and safety protocols at our school sites.

I also want to remind everyone of the still-present need for diligence and vigilance with face coverings, physical distancing and hand washing/sanitizing---applicable to all students and all staff. The continued practice of parents/guardians and students doing home symptom screenings are also critical to ensure symptomatic students are not on campus. Additionally, our site staff will continue to address facility sanitization needs on a consistent basis as well as working with all staff and students to have operations and practices aligned to the protocols and expectations regarding health and safety. Maintaining and protecting the health and safety for all involved is a priority, as is keeping our schools open to the greatest degree possible so that students can directly engage and access supports and services, which we know is very important.

As we experienced on December 14th, when we shifted to 100% Distance Learning for that final week before Winter Break, changes in direction with our educational program model will be driven by data and counsel from Calaveras County Public Health, in reaction to local COVID-related conditions. Our local conditions, and impacts, are monitored and assessed daily to help inform our dialogue and direction as a district, and as a county.

It is a high priority, and a team effort, to keep all staff, students and families healthy and safe and our schools open. Day by day, we all need to do what it takes in this collective effort…working together. We will see this through, with resilience, patience and determination---with an overall objective of getting back to 100% of our students back on campuses 100% of the time, when conditions allow.

Mark Campbell
Superintendent Calaveras Unified School District